GregVK’s latest single ‘Never Again’ is passionate and impossible to ignore.


Born out of unimaginable tragedy GregVK’s latest single ‘Never Again’ packs an acoustic-guitar driven punch straight to the heart.

You can hear the pain and the struggle to keep going in every lyric, in every strum of the guitar. There are no pretenses or embellishments, nothing to try and hide the emotion. Everything’s on the table for the world to see and that’s where the magic lies. It’s that openness that draws you in and makes the song relatable to anybody who’s been through an immensely traumatic experience.


From the opening lines, “look at all that I’ve become/ a wreckage in the shallows,” there’s an edge to GregVK’s voice, a grief that’s almost tangible. The sometimes mournful, sometimes anguished guitar seems to take on a life of its own, helping guide the mood as he comes to terms with what happened and resolves to turn it into strength rather than give in.


This isn’t just a song. It’s a raw, honest confession from a man who has gone to some dark places but refuses to let himself be defeated, even though that sometimes seems like the only way out.

Have a listen for yourself:


Androgenius’ self-titled EP is as powerful as it is groovy.


With their fusion of old-school RnB, soul, funk, hip-hop, and jazz Androgenius have woven a tapestry of sounds and emotions on their self-titled EP.

What makes this EP so interesting is the combination of Androgenius’ get up and dance sound and poignant lyrics. ‘Deviant Days’ is a groovy number about living in the moment and giving in to your impulses and desires while ‘Scene 1, Take 2’ explores the curiosity and fantasising that comes with unrequited love.

‘Waves,’ the fourth track, shows us that there’s a tender side to Androgenius. With only a piano for accompaniment, front-man Al Clapper takes us on an emotional journey through a badly timed yet unavoidable love. The band’s usual sound gets put on hold for a moment as we’re treated to pure, intimate honesty, the kind of honesty that makes you stop whatever you’re doing and just listen.

Whether it’s making you dance or making you feel, this EP will have you in its grasp from start to finish.

Give it a listen below:


On This Day The Jimi Hendrix Experience Changed Everything We Thought We Knew About Music.

Are you experienced.jpg

Fifty-two years ago today, after nine months of recording in three different studios The Jimi Hendrix Experience dropped its debut album ‘Are You Experienced’ and changed the music world forever.

Peaking at number 2 on the UK charts and hitting fifth position on the US Billboard Top LPs it broke new ground in ways that few, if any debut albums had before. Not only did it change the direction of rock ‘n’ roll, but it opened up a whole new world of possibilities for guitarists.

After struggling as a back-up guitarist on the R&B scene Hendrix got picked up by former The Animals bassist Chas Chandler who started setting up a band that would showcase the guitarist’s immense talent. Cue the introduction of bassist Noel Redding (who was actually a guitarist by trade) and Mitch Mitchell on drums.

A mixture of determined management on Chandler’s part and an undeniable chemistry and understanding between the musicians led them to record the album on and off over the period of a mere nine months. The chemistry between the band members was such that rehearsals were largely unnecessary and songs like ‘The Wind Cries Mary’ were recorded in one session, even though Redding and Mitchell hadn’t heard it before.

‘Are You Experienced’ sent shockwaves through the rock world with people citing it as a turning point in everything from psychedelic-rock all the way through to hard-rock and even heavy metal, with British music journalist David Stubbs describing ‘Foxy Lady’ as a prototype for heavy metal pioneers like Black Sabbath and the album was even ranked at number 35 in Hit-Parader’s list of the top 100 heavy metal albums in 1989.

Hendrix’s unique ability as a guitar player also had a major impact, not just on the way people play the instrument, but on the equipment that guitarists use to this day. For instance, on the song ‘I Don’t Live Today’ Hendrix created a “wah-wah” effect by hand which influenced the creation of the now famous “wah-wah” effects pedal which has become standard in any guitarists arsenal.

‘Are You Experienced’ was one of those albums that comes along every now and then and completely changes the complexion of the music world and that’s one of the reasons that, to this day, Hendrix is considered by many to be the greatest guitarist this world has ever seen.

Have a listen to the album below:


In The City is going to lift the roof off Ellis Park


People of Johannesburg, I come bearing good news. For those of you who think Cape Town is just a little too far to drive to see some of the world’s hottest acts at Rocking the Daisies 2019, have no fear because In The City is back.


For one day only, Sunday the 6th of October, Ellis Park will play host to The 1975 (UK), Russ (US), Tash Sultana (AUS), and many more.


Phase 1 tickets are officially on sale for R495, including VAT, and are available at

Once Phase 1 is sold out sales will automatically move into the next phase:

Phase 2: R595 incl. VAT


Phase 3: R695 incl. VAT

For more information visit

This is a strictly no under-18s event.



Tash Sultana is coming to Rocking the Daisies 2019!

Tash Sultana.jpg

Australian multi-instrumentalist Tash Sultana will be bringing her unique voice and looping skills to South Africa as she joins The 1975 and Russ at this years edition of Rocking the Daisies.

After her single Jungle went viral in 2016 she shot to fame and has since played at festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza. Be sure to book your spot at the festival by buying tickets from

Here’s a little taste of what Tash Sultana can do:


Elle E’s latest offering “Stereo Child” is the energy boost you didn’t know you needed.

Stereo child.jpg

Elle E‘s latest three-track EP, “Stereo Child” is a fuzz-heavy, cymbal-driven, foot-stomping celebration of music, happiness, and love.

The opening title track explores what it is that makes music so damn addictive. “It modifies the inside of you / never mind what the outside will do” croons Elle E in the chorus as the instruments around her drive the song forward at breakneck speed. There are moments of relative calm here and there, a chance to catch one’s breath, but on the whole this song is a balls-to-the-walls salutation to good times.

“Happy Days” is a fuzzy, feel-good ode to those days where the sun is at just the right temperature and everything feels right in the world. Unlike “Stereo Child” this song has more of an ebb and flow to it, with softer sections that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Velvet Underground record, balancing out her trademark garage rock choruses.

Things get real heavy in “With You” as the instruments swap out rhythms like people swap out outfits when getting ready for a night out. Proving that she’s a romantic at heart, Elle E sings about that perfect kind of love where you never want to be separated as the music moves between steady, focused verses and head-bang worthy choruses.

“Stereo Child” is one of those EPs that will have you tapping your feet long after the last notes have been played and feeling like you can take on anything that life throws your way.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the EP below:


American rapper Russ announced as the second international headline act for Rocking the Daisies 2019

Russ x Rocking the Daisies.png

From Soundcloud sensation to blowing up the stage at last year’s Coachella festival, platinum-selling rapper, songwriter, and producer Russ is the latest international headline act announced for Rocking the Daisies 2019.

Russ found popularity with the hits ‘What They Want’ and ‘Losin’ Control’ from his debut album ‘There’s really a Wolf’ which sold over a million units in the United States alone, and now he’ll be coming to our shores and joining the 1975 in what is shaping up to be an epic festival.

For a little taste of what Russ is all about click here.

Festival tickets and camping passes for the 14th edition of Daisies are now on sale and available on