Weezer’s surprise release is the album you didn’t know you needed.

Photo credit: Consequence Of Sound

The masters of staying relevant, Weezer, dropped a surprise cover-album earlier today called ‘the Teal Album.’ Presumably in response to the immense popularity of their cover of Toto’s ‘Africa,’ the album consists of versions of everything from The Turtles 1968 hit ‘Happy together’ to TLC’s 1999 chart topping ‘No Scrubs.’

The album opens, predictably, with a cover of the internet’s favourite song ever, ‘Africa,’ before moving on to a delicately balanced, powerful rendition of Tears for Fears’ ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World.’ Staying true to the source material with some additions here and there Weezer’s final product packs a harder rhythmic punch and is embellished with some tasteful guitar work.

There’s also a treat for all you metal-heads. Hidden in the middle of this nostalgic bliss is a faster, more manic version of Black Sabbath’s ‘Paranoid’ which feels like it could go flying off the tracks at any second. With its angrier riffs and screaming guitar solo Weezer have taken the song to a whole new level that I’m sure will bring a smile to Ozzy’s face.

Perhaps the only blemish on the album is their cover of ‘Billie Jean.’ From the jump it lacks the punch of the original as the drawn out vocals and riffs give you the feeling that it would rather be in a warm, comfy bed.

‘The Teal Album’ is the surprise that no one knew they needed. Not only is it a beautiful nostalgia trip, it proves that Weezer are musicians of the highest caliber as they find a balance between respecting the original songs and making them their own.

Stream the album here.


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